Monaco-based contemporary art advisory advancing the art collecting journey of private collectors, hotels, institutions, and corporate clients in support of artists.

MONART Advisory supports you in your collecting journey with contemporary artists. Whether you are a private collector, hotel, institution or corporate client, our Monaco-based art advisory can help you in your art acquisition, commission, curation, and collection management.

Independent Art Advising – With an extensive knowledge of the international art market and an expertise of contemporary art, combined with a strong background in exhibition curating, MONART Advisory provides independent advising services on art acquisitions, artist commissions, exhibition curating and collection management.

Contemporary Art Acquisition and Commission – Our frequent visits of artists’ studios, galleries, art fairs, auction houses, art schools, nonprofits, and other art institutions ensure informed and professional guidance of our clients. We find the perfect artworks for private clients’ collections, residences and gardens, and we source the optimal works to complement any hotel, institution or corporate interiors. We also commission local and international artists to create bespoke pieces tailored to our clients’ vision, coordinating the project from start to finish.

Collection Management, Art Exhibitions and Multisensory Experiences – We offer collection management services to ensure proper care, documentation, and archiving of our clients’ works. As a means to elevate the collection’s prestige and impact, we organize art exhibitions and develop associated programming and communication materials, such as press releases, wall labels, and catalogue essays. Implementing a pioneering approach, we magnify the works on view through a unique offer of multisensory experiences, collaborating with sensory designers to curate an immersive atmosphere that responds to the artworks and stimulates the senses.

Our service is based on professionalism, care, integrity, and confidentiality.

Are you an art enthusiast willing to start, strenghten, or diversify your art collection while supporting contemporary artists?

Interested in offering a unique ambience in your hotel through art, allowing for a memorable experience for your guests?

Wondering how art can convey your brand identity and corporate values and how to build an art collection for your company?

Is your institution in need of support in art acquisition, commission, exhibition curation, or collection management?